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    FREE HAIL DAMAGE INSPECTIONS: Recovering from Hail Damage?

    Early fall is the perfect time to make a plan on having your property inspected for hail damage that may have occurred in the past 2 years. So how would you know if a hail storm damaged your property?

    We recommend searching around the lower portion of your property for dents in metal objects such as A/C units, downspouts, metal window wraps and screen doors. If you’re not certain on where to look or what we’re talking about give us a call! We’re offering a Free Hail Damage Inspection on all properties right now!

    We’ll help evaluate your property and give you a report card on how healthy your home is and if we recommend having a insurance claim placed on your potential damage.

    Want to find out if you were in a hail storm in the past? Click here to view our hail map section.

    Sign up for your free inspection here!

    Stinson Services is proud to be a local contractor that has been in business since 2003. We love Minnesota and everything it has to offer to us. We hope that you feel comfortable contacting us about any remodeling project that you have questions or concerns. We are a license and insured contractor that provides "Projects Built to Last".