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    Attic Insulation

    Benefits of Attic Insulation

    Attic insulation improvements are a great way to add short- and long-term value to your Eden Prairie home. This is due to energy savings and overall comfort you can gain from simply installing new insulation into your home.

    Works All Four  Seasons:  Insulation doesn’t only act during the cold times of year. In fact, insulation is a year-round investment that performs during every moment of the day. The idea behind attic insulation is to protect the interior climate of your home from being disturbed by the outside. Think of insulation in terms of a thermos rather than a jacket for the winter.

    Saves on Energy: Since your attic insulation is working non-stop it’s helping you save money at all times. New and improved insulation can lower costs up to 25% during the summer months and up to 50% in the wintertime. This is because new cellulose insulation and fiberglass insulation have progressed greatly over the years, helping homeowners in Minnesota save money on energy bills year-round.

    Provides Sound-Proof Barrier: Another benefit of the new, improved attic insulation is the barrier to sound. The upgraded insulation will not only help keep sounds from entering your home, but prevent them from leaving. Trust a professional insulation installer to help you control sound in your home. You’ll be happy you did!

    Holds Resale Value: Eden Prairie is a big city with lots of homes for sale. Homes tend to move much more quickly if you can prove a history of low energy bills. Homeowners these days aren’t looking past expenses from wasted energy. An upgraded insulation system will help you keep these bills down now and help you sell your home later, when the time is right!

    What's in your attic?


    Attic Ventilation

    Attic ventilation in Minnesota is very important for your home’s upkeep and safety. Proper attic ventilation allows air to move in and out of your home, regulating your attic’s temperature to prevent mildew and excessive heat from forming. Unregulated attic temperatures lead to shingle failure and mildew damages. Improper attic ventilation not only harms your home but can cause problems to the air you breathe. Mildew can be hazardous for the occupants in the home, as they can carrying allergens and toxins.

    Fiberglass or Blow-In Cellulose?

    Stinson Services, Inc. is a professional Minneapolis insulation contractor. We provide two types of attic insulation services to Eden Prairie homes. Fiberglass and cellulose insulation both offer benefits to the insulation process. Please review our guide for both styles of home attic insulation.

    Two types of attic insulation Stinson Services offers

    Blow-In Cellulose Insulation: Cellulose insulation is a favorite among many homeowners in America. It’s made up of recycled paper fibers and fire retardant products. 85% of the material is recycled goods! These ingredients are broken down into tiny fibers that are blown into the attic using a high-pressure vacuum.  The positives of using cellulose attic insulation are the costs and the products ability to cover a large area in a short amount of time. Since cellulose is mostly a recycled product, it’s considered better for the environment.

    Fiberglass Insulation: Fiberglass is a high-quality insulation product starting to be used in more Minnesota homes every day. This type of insulation is blown in, which allows it fill tight areas in the attic. The blown in fiberglass insulation is able to settle into small cracks to allow for the best insulating value with little to no air leakage. Fiberglass insulation offers a strong R-value and helps save more money in the long run. The controversy with fiberglass insulation is it’s not a recycled product like cellulose insulation.

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    You deserve a BPI certified insulation installer for your property. You'll be eligible for all MN Insulation Rebate programs and experience top-notch service on your insulation project. You'll notice a big improvement in your energy bills and comfort level!