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    Stinson Services is an expert insulation contractor that has been serving the Twin Cities metro area since 2003. Stinson Services is a insulation contractor that wants to help you with your home insulation project. Sign up for our free attic consultation and we’ll contact you to arrange a meeting about your insulation project.

    Fiberglass or Blow-In Cellulose?

    Stinson Services offers a couple types of home attic insulation services. Each type of insulation has its pros depending on what you are looking for in your Edina insulation project.

    Below are the two types of insulation used by Stinson Services:

    Blow-In Cellulose Insulation: One type of attic insulation is Blow-In Cellulose, which is a combination of recycled paper fibers and fire retardant (85% recycled) goods. This combination is broken down into tiny fibers that are blown into your attic using a high-pressure vacuum. The positives of cellulose insulation are the cost and its ability to cover a large of area in a short time. It is also able to cover small gaps and cracks to provide a good barrier against the outside air. The only downsides of cellulose is the R-value isn’t as high as the fiberglass insulation. Also, as an installer, it is extremely dusty to work with.

    Fiberglass Insulation: Fiberglass insulation is a high-quality product designed to get into small areas. As it settles into cracks the fiberglass batts can’t seal. This type of insulation is blown in just like cellulose insulation. The fiberglass insulation is able to seal the home’s attic tightly, avoiding leaks to the outside. The downsides to the fiberglass insulation is it is not a recycled product.

    What's in your attic?


    Benefits of Attic Insulation

    Upgrading your insulation is a great way to boost your home’s overall value. Whether it delivers a more comfortable living area or saves you money. An upgrade to your attic insulation can make you a happier person.

    Below is a list of benefits you can expect with an insulation upgrade:

    Works All Four Seasons: Whether it is winter, spring, summer or fall your insulation is working as a barrier to the outside temperature. The purpose of insulation is to provide a constant temperature inside your home. Think of insulation as a thermos rather than a warm winter jacket.

    Saves on Energy:  Attic insulation works 24/7, 365 days a year. With a professionally upgraded insulation job, you can expect savings on future energy bills. Whether you go with cellulose insulation or fiberglass insulation, your property can reduce your energy bills up to 25% off in the summer and up to 50% in the winter.

    Provides Sound-Proof Barrier: New insulation not only offers protection from the outside weather. It also gives you a barrier that protects against sound. Whether you’re trying to keep sound from leaving your home or trying to keep loud noises out, an attic with proper insulation can control the sound much better than before.

    Holds Resale Value: When purchasing a home in Edina, many people aren’t buying their first home. In this case, you should expect your potential buyers to have basic knowledge about buying a home. This means they’ll look at both the shape of the home and the variable costs that come with it, such as utilities and energy costs. With upgraded insulation you’ll be able to show them a consistently low energy bills that will help reduce their monthly costs. This perk can add value to your home when it’s put on the market.


    Edina Attic Insulation

    Attic Ventilation

    Attic ventilation is the flow of air through your attic. Attic ventilation is important for your home’s life span as it helps regulate the temperatures in the attic that can cause damage to the exterior and interior of your home. Attic ventilation is key in Minnesota because temperature are always changing throughout the year. Without proper attic ventilation one can expect mildew problems due to condensation or premature shingle failure due to excessive heat build up.

    Unregulated attic temperatures aren’t only hazardous to your home but to the occupants of the home as moisture may carry allergens in the air. Make sure to check your attic ventilation or have a professional inspect your home to be sure your home is properly ventilated.

    If your interested in a free consultation sign up here or call us at 952-933-4510.

    You deserve a BPI certified insulation installer for your property. You'll be eligible for all MN Insulation Rebate programs and experience top-notch service on your insulation project. You'll notice a big improvement in your energy bills and comfort level!