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    Blow-In Cellulose vs. Fiberglass Insulation

    So your Plymouth home is looking for an insulation upgrade? Or maybe you’re just checking out the options for future upgrades on your property. Stinson Services, Inc. offers two types of attic insulation that will optimize your home’s energy bill. Our team of professional Plymouth insulation installers pride themselves on fiberglass insulation and blow-in cellulose insulation. Read below to get a better idea on what type you might prefer.

    Blow-In Cellulose Insulation:  Our blow-in cellulose insulation is a great option for most homes. The recycled material offers great coverage and a low rate. Its paper fibers and fire retardant products create a compound that is nearly 85% recycled goods. That’s good news for the environment! This product is blown into the empty attic space with a high-pressure vacuum.  The process is relatively quick and leaves your home with high grade insulator. However, compared to fiberglass, blow-in cellulose can leave a dusty residue behind due to its fine particles.

    Fiberglass Insulation: Our fiberglass insulation is a great product that is starting to be used on more and more homes. Its blown in application guarantees complete coverage and that all tight spaces are filled. The loose fill presents tight barrier between your home and the outside elements. Fiberglass comes in two styles – rolled batts and loose fill. The loose fill fiberglass insulation is by far superior to batts due to its ability to fill in tiny spaces without leakage.

    What's in your attic?

    Upgraded Attic Insulation

    Below is a list of benefits you can expect with an insulation upgrade:

    Works All Four Seasons: Your insulation is a non-stop working machine used to keep the outside climate from entering your home. The fact is, insulation is a product that works year round to not only keep your home warm in the winter, but cool and comfortable in the summer. When you think of insulation, think of it as a thermos and not a winter jacket. It’s designed to keep your home at a constant temperature.

    Saves on Energy: Saving money on energy is always helpful. By simply upgrading your insulation with new and improved products you’ll quickly see the benefit. People around Minnesota have reported savings up to 25% during the summer months and up to 50% in the winter. New cellulose and fiberglass insulation offer greater coverage and higher insulating values than ever before. This is leaving homeowners with instant saving and long-term benefits.

    Provides Sound-Proof Barrier: So now your home is saving you money and controlling your climate better than ever. What else could your new upgraded attic insulation do? Well, when you upgrade your insulation you’ll also be upgrading the sound-proof barrier between you and the outside world. This means that noise trying to enter or leave your home will be muffled by the new sound barrier created by your upgraded insulation. This is a great perk if you live by an airport or you play in a rock band!

    Holds Resale Value: Plymouth, MN is a growing community in the metro area with lots of homes for sale. Selling a home can be a long process, especially if your home doesn’t stand out. One way to get your home noticed is by showing a snapshot of your previous energy bills. With new insulation installed you will be able to point out the low expenses required to run your home. Homeowners these days are taking every precaution to ensure their new homes won’t be leaking cash away through utility payments. When you upgrade your insulation you’re not only adding value to the comfort of living, but the expenses that go along with it.

    Plymouth Insulation


    Attic Ventilation

    Attic ventilation is the movement of air throughout your home. It allows proper air movement to prevent moisture build up and excessive heat that can cause interior/exterior damages to your home. To ensure proper attic ventilation and to prevent rot, mildew, or shingle failure it’s important to contact a professional. Stinson Services offers a Free Estimate to help identify any ventilation hazards that may cause problems to your home or family.

    Improper attic ventilation is not only harmful to your home but the occupants of the home. This is because moisture build up causes mildew problems. Mildew carries many allergens and toxins that can be harmful to your family’s health. If you’re uncertain about your home’s attic ventilation contact Stinson Services. We would be happy to ease your mind and ensure you that your home is properly ventilated.

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