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    Is your home ready for winter?

    Minnesota is the 3rd coldest state in the US during winter months, only beat by Alaska & North Dakota.  Is your home ready to battle the winter months? Weatherization plays a huge role in beating the cold and keeping your energy bills down during the winter months.

    Cold temperatures drive up home energy costs, especially during the winter months. You can save 10-20% on your utility bills by having a professional energy expert weatherize your home by air sealing and venting.
    What is in your attic?

    What should we focus on during the weatherization process?

    Sealing Air Leaks – Faulty air sealing is the main reason for Minneapolis/St. Paul Metro Area ice dams. The sum of all air leaks can equate to one open window. Imagine one window being open at all times during the winter. Sounds very cold.

    Adding Insulation – Most Minnesota homes aren’t up to recommended levels of insulation throughout the home. All MN attics are recommended to have a minimum of R50, and some northern places ask for R60. That is equivalent to 17-20 inches of cellulose or fiberglass insulation.

    Window Weather Stripping – Sealing your windows with window caulking and adding window stripping to older windows can help lower your energy bills.

    Weather Stripping Doors – Sealing your exterior doors with weather stripping products is a great way to eliminate unwanted cold air and lower your energy use.


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    You deserve a BPI certified insulation installer for your property. You'll be eligible for all MN Insulation Rebate programs and experience top-notch service on your insulation project. You'll notice a big improvement in your energy bills and comfort level!