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  • Storm Damage? – Win Twins Tickets!

    Catch a Twins Game for Free!

    Listen up Twins fans! If you’re a homeowner in the Minneapolis – St. Paul area you have a chance to win a pair of Twins tickets on June 4th when the Twins take on the Brewers.

    How do I qualify?

    -You’re a homeowner in the Minneapolis – St. Paul area.
    -Your home was hit by a hail storm in the past two years. (Check our MN Hail Maps)
    -You sign up for a Free Hail Damage Inspection by our certified inspectors.

    How do I win?

    One lucky homeowner will be randomly selected to win a pair of tickets to the game.




    How do I know if my home was hit by a hail storm in the past two years?

    Check out our MN Hail Maps page on our website. It list hail storms throughout Minnesota since 2006.

    Do I need damage to my home to win?

    No, a winner is selected at random out of the list of homeowners that sign up for the Free Inspection.

    What’s included in a hail damage inspection?

    Your siding, windows, and roof will be inspected for damage due from a past storm. Our inspectors are trained to find damage that has occurred from hail storms.

    What happens if I have hail damage?

    If your home has hail damage we’ll advise you to contact your home insurance company to set up an insurance adjustor meeting. The insurance adjustor is there on behalf of the insurance company to make a claim on the hail damage. We’ll join them on their visit to ensure that your home is being properly inspected.

    What if the adjustor says we have damage?

    Once the adjustor confirms the damage, we can move forward with helping you get all the money you deserve to replace the damage. We’ll inspect their numbers and make sure you’re receiving the appropriate amount to cover the damage to the home.


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