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  • Product Warranties, Brochures, & Certificates

    Below are the warranties, brochures, and manufacturer certificates for products Stinson Services, Inc. installs. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact SSI at 952-933-4510.

    Labor Warranties

    This is Stinson Services’ 20-year workmanship warranty that applies to all of our products. You can find each product manufacturer’s warranty below:




    Roofing Warranties

    Roofing Brochures

    Roofing Manufacturer Tax Credits



    Siding Warranties

    Siding Brochures

    Siding Manufacturer Tax Credits



    Insulation Warranties

    Insulation Brochures

    Insulation Manufacturer Tax Credits



    Window Warranties

    Window Brochures

    Window Manufacturer Tax Credits



    Gutter/Gutter Protection Warranties

    Gutter/Gutter Protection Brochures


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