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  • Edina Storm Damage

    Do you have storm damage?

    Edina Storm Damage

    Edina is where Stinson Services calls home. Edina is home of the Edina Hornets, the Galleria, Edinborough Park and Stinson Services.

    When a storm hits your home, it is important not to feel rushed. Our team of sales associates are trained to understand exactly what the insurance adjuster is looking for. They are equipped to complete a walk-through, pointing out any damaged areas that will require replacement by the insurance company.


    Free Storm Inspection


    Identifing Storm Damage in Edina

    Our storm inspectors will check to see if there any dents on any vents, gutters & downspouts, missing shingles, granules collecting in the gutters or downspouts, fascia and holes or breaks in the siding, window wraps, screens, frames and cracks & splitting in the siding.


    Finding the right contractor

    1.  Confirm that the company has a current Minnesota Building Contractors License.
    Look us up – (License # BC455380)

    2. Check that they have current insurance policies for both General Liability and Workers Compensation.

    3. Verify that they have been in business for at least 10 years with the same license number.

    4. Make sure that they can provide a long list of references of past clients with whom you can call to verify their claims.

    Call Stinson Services today for a free storm damage inspection 952-933-4510.
    Storm Damage Restoration

    Certified hail damage inspections and insurance claim restoration services provided by Stinson Services, Inc. We provide expert knowledge on home remodeling repairs that deal with storm, wind, and hail damage. We work along side you and your insurance company to ensure your home is taken care of in the best manner.