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  • Storm Damage Repairs in Minnesota

    Storm Damage Repairs in Minnesota


    “My adjuster told me to get several bids.”
    Insurance companies hope that you will do the leg work of shopping multiple contractors in order to get a “bid” that will save the insurance company money. If your loss requires several different trades such as roofing, painting and carpentry, they are also hopeful that you will take on the role of General Contractor and save them from having to pay Overhead and Profit that they are obligated to pay to a licensed and insured company who will manage and warrant your entire project.

    “How can I be sure that the insurance quote is accurate.”
    Why would an insurance company overpay a claim? In fact they rarely do and never on purpose. They will pay the fair market price to a qualified company that knows how to assess and present a complete and fair scope of work. SSI utilizes software and a price database that is widely accepted by the insurance industry and it is used by many insurance companies and adjustors as a basis to determine a fair settlement.

    “How do I know if I am getting a fair settlement?”
    There are no secrets as to what establishes the market costs of repairs to your home or business. Typical items that do cause variance in settlement amounts are: 1. Determining the proper scope of work to satisfactorily repair the damage. a. What constitutes enough damage to be covered? b. Is a partial replacement adequate or is it necessary to replace the entire amount? c. What related items are impacted by fixing the damaged item(s) 2. Making sure that the scope of work is thorough in not only covering the big items such as “shingle’s, gutters and siding” but are the related items such as plumbing jacks, dormer flashing and steep roof charges are also covered. 3. Making sure the quantities are correct and adequate. How many feet of roof edge is the right amount? Does the shingle count allow for waste?

    Storm Damage Repairs in Minnesota


    “I want to save some money by being the General Contractor of my project.”
    You can!! You may or may not save any money but it is possible to do with some time and determination. – First, you need to find the right 3-4 subcontractors (i.e. roofing, siding, gutters, carpentry, etc.) and you get to meet many interesting people as you will typically interview several “subs” for each trade component. – Next, after you found the “right” people to be on your team, you soon discover if they work well together and agree on what everyone is supposed to do. Then you hope that you can schedule them when you need them (even though most of them are loyal to the people who give them regular work, they really do care). – As payments come due, you should then inspect their work for quality and completeness, but you probably don’t have to worry about that because you wouldn’t have hired someone you didn’t trust anyway. – Also, you are probably handy enough to do the small things that were not part of the hired subs responsibilities. “Does anyone have a pressure washer and a 36 foot ladder I can borrow?” – Lastly, since you found the “perfect” subs you won’t ever have to worry about a warrantable situation. If in the unlikely situation that you should develop a leak a year or two down the road, it is interesting to find out that the roofer is POSITIVE the siding installer put the house wrap behind the wall tins and the siding contractor is SURE that the underlayment was not run up the wall properly. At least you can go to the General Contractor to make sure it gets taken care of.

    “Why you may not want to be your own General Contractor.”
    There are several reasons why people find that working with one company who can provide you a complete home restoration service is of importance. People who have tried have often encountered some of the following:

    1. Finding good subcontractors is not always easy. There are many “nice people” who try to be in the trades that are not always good or honest. Most Restoration Companies have a history of experience with the people they work with and even then it can be challenging to schedule and coordinate them. Understanding and acquiring the proper legal documents is also part of the process Stinson Services is accustomed to.

    2. Funds left on the table. Typically insurance claims have a provision to pay for Overhead and Profit, “O & P”, as this is what covers the time expense for liability and workers compensation insurance, scheduling, permitting, managing and warranting your project. Being you do not actually have those expenses as a “do it yourselfer” contractor, they are not required to pay them to you.

    3. Quality Control. A good Restoration Company will have a Project Manager who oversees and inspects each job to make sure that it is specified correctly and completed as specified. This is the person who knows as much or more than the people who are doing the work to make sure there are no short cuts taken.

    4. Warranty. A company that has been doing business for many years has the best chance of having the experience to know proper installation procedures that will not void product warranties. It is also most likely to be around to provide a warranty should such a need arise.


    Storm Damage Repairs in Minnesota

    Certified hail damage inspections and insurance claim restoration services provided by Stinson Services, Inc. We provide expert knowledge on home remodeling repairs that deal with storm, wind, and hail damage. We work along side you and your insurance company to ensure your home is taken care of in the best manner.