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  • Wind Damage to the Roof

    Wind Damage to the Roof


    Most shingle roofs are rated to withstand 90 mile-per-hour winds.  The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration says that light structural damage – including damage to shingle roofing – starts at wind speeds of 50 MPH. Roofs are designed to resist the typical wind loads of their location, but no roof is likely to withstand the most extreme wind event.

    Wind blowing over a roof isn’t a problem until it starts to move the shingles and eventually membrane.  Anywhere the roofing material is even a little bit loose, the wind can get below it and push it up, thus giving the wind more to grab onto next time and creating a chain peeling effect. The wind loosens and eventually lifts the shingle exposing the underlayment. This underlayment is then exposed to the wind and in some cases rain. This type of wind damage can start very small, but continue to grow over time through repeated exposure to wind. Once a whole corner of insulation is exposed, rain can get in and start to cause leaks and water damage. Wind-blown debris also tends to accumulate and clog drains and downspouts.


    Wind Damage to the Roof


    What kind of damage happens?

    While roofs are designed to resist typical wind loads, they can be incrementally damaged over the years by high winds and debris carried by the wind. Outward damage may not appear for months or years later.


    The most common type of wind damage is where the wind has lifted the shingle and it has become loose or pulls completely off the roof. This type of damage is important to note since it makes your roof vulnerable to leaks.

    Wind Damage to the Roof

    When high winds damage your roof, the first thing to do is take pictures of the damage. Most homeowner policies cover wind damage. If you suspect that the shingles came loose as the result of wind call Stinson Services 952-933-4510.

    Certified hail damage inspections and insurance claim restoration services provided by Stinson Services, Inc. We provide expert knowledge on home remodeling repairs that deal with storm, wind, and hail damage. We work along side you and your insurance company to ensure your home is taken care of in the best manner.