August 14, 2017

2017 MHA Golf Tournament

2017 MHA Golf Tournament



The 2017 MHA Golf Tournament day was a warm cloud filled morning and everyone was talking about golf. The Stinson Services team was stationed at the 18th hole on the Signature Course. We set up our swag table, our game and fired up the grill. Our table was loaded with goodies. We had the Cadillac of all tape measures, beautiful travel coffee cups, Stinson branded golf towels, beer cozies, Lifesavers, and Stinson branded water bottles.


The real excitement came with our game, The Hail Challenge. The game consisted of ping pong balls in the one bowl, a bigger empty bowl and chopsticks. The challenge came when we told people they had to use the chopsticks to get as many balls into the empty bowl in 15 seconds. Everyone who played won a prize from our swag table. It was a challenge. Could you do this? If so, how many ping pong balls could you get in the bowl within 15 seconds? Everyone wanted to try the Stinson Services Hail Challenge. The big winner of the day was Joe Warling from The Wellington with an incredible 13 ping pong balls in 15 seconds.


Then there was the food. We served our people right at the 18th hole of the Signature Course. We offered hot dogs, brats and hamburgers. We fired up the grill at 10:30am and had that grill going full steam until 3:30pm!


With all of this going on there was still golf going on. It was a beautiful day. We had 18 groups play through starting at 9:45 and going until 3:30. A big thank you to MHA for putting on such a great event. We look forward to the 2018 MHA golf event.


Written By Tech