Insurance Agents Partnering with Stinson Services

Partnering with Insurance Agents as A Trusted Contractor

Our aim is to simplify the process of navigating roofing-related situations that Insurance Agents encounter with their Clients. Discover how we can assist you today.

Insurance Agents often find themselves overwhelmed with requests from roofing companies seeking opportunities to replace their clients’ roofs. The increasing number of roofing companies in the Midwest makes it challenging to distinguish reliable partners who can effectively address all roofing needs. Let us help you cut through the noise and connect you with a trusted roofing partner you can rely on.

Stinson Services has established itself as a trusted preferred contractor for many agents throughout the Midwest. We offer a unique and refreshing approach that is highly valued by insurance agents.

Our Approach

We save you from unnecessary claims by conducting damage inspections prior to an adjuster. Our commitment lies in being truthful and responsible when assessing the extent of the damage found.

We reduce unnecessary phone calls to you by providing clear explanations of the insurance process, terms, and outlining the next steps. Our aim is to help your clients make informed decisions when filing a claim.

We assist in retaining your clients in case any obstacles arise during the claims process. We consistently support and involve the agent at the appropriate time, ensuring their endorsement and involvement when necessary.

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Trusted by Insurance Agents Across the Midwest

I highly recommend Stinson Services for all of your exterior contracting needs. Their aerial photography provides a unique viewpoint of your property and really helps when negotiating with the insurance provider. Keep up the great work!
Taylor Gilbert

Working in an insurance agency people are always looking for someone to give them honest info about possible claims. I love to refer them to Thor at Stinson –he treats all my customers with respect and I know Stinson will communicate often and clearly and get the work done well!! Bad weather is a given here in Minnesota–at least the fix should be pleasant 🙂
Kris Edberg-Lasserud

As an insurance agent, Stinson Services has been an excellent referral source for my clients. They offer a thorough assessment on potential hail damage with their inspections. And equally as important, they are honest with clients if there is no hail damage at all. They do a great job working with adjustors coming to reasonable solutions in cost and scope of damage so all parties are satisfied. I work with many insurance companies and they know reputable contractors versus the “storm chasers.” Stinson Services works well with all of my group of companies. Which in the end, works well for my clients.
Reid Connly