May 29, 2012

Large Hail Spotted In Woodbury, Newport Minnesota | Heavy Rain Burnsville, MN May 26th, 2012

Hail Damage May 26th 2012

Hail Storm Damage To Burnsville, Woodbury and Newport Homes

May 26th, 2012 brought large hail to the Washington County area where 1.75″ diameter hail was spotted in Newport, MN and Woodbury, MN around the time of 3:37pm. The hail storm hit the Newport | Woodbury area  but didn’t stay long. However, the hail was large enough to cause excessive damage to cars and homes in the neighborhood.

There was also heavy rain spotted around the area of Burnsville mixed in with some hail. The heavy rain brought  flash flood warnings that caused traffic slow ups and possible floods to homes near Burnsville.

Any reported hail or flood damage should be taken care of quickly. Please contact Stinson Services if you home has been damaged. SSI is HAAG Engineering Certified Storm Damage Inspectors and offers FREE Storm Damage Inspections to homes in need of repairs.   Hail damage to homes can cause major problems so if you have any concerns please reach out to SSI for questions.

Written By Thor Josefson