October 16, 2012

How To Install Gutters and Gutter Screens
Gutter Replacement

Minneapolis MN Gutter Replacements & Repairs

If your gutters are in need of repair or replacements then you will probably require the services of a qualified Minneapolis gutter installer. Perhaps you would rather install them yourself and save money on gutter installation costs, keep in mind that gutters can be much more of a hassle than you bargained for. The average labor costs for a 200 foot gutter will run between $1000-$1300. The easiest way to calculate the costs is to figure each linear foot is about $5-$6.

Some of the common problems that cause homeowners to need gutter replacements are not enough downspouts, gutter leaks, loose gutter attachments and clogged downspouts. If you wish to save money on gutter installation costs and do the rain gutter installation yourself, here are the steps that our Minneapolis MN gutter installers follow:

Minneapolis MN Gutter Installer Tips

Snap layout lines: This is to ensure that the gutters are straight and run at the correct angle so they will work properly.

Attach fascia brackets: These usually span on to the gutter or mount on the fascia board, depending on what type of gutters are being installed.

Cut gutter: Take your measurements and use a hacksaw or tin snips to cut the gutters to the correct size.

Attach end caps: Anywhere the gutter ends, an end cap needs to be installed using short metal screws and silicone sealant.

Cut holes for downspouts: Mark the areas where downspouts are needed and use a 4″ hole saw to cut the holes.

Install gutter: Brackets should be every 18-24 inches. The lag screw should penetrate at least 2″ for a good secure hold.

Connect downspouts: Use the downspout connector and make sure that the tapered end of the downspouts are facing down and pointing in the right direction.

Gutter Repair Tips

How To Help Cut Costs

Be sure to repair any wood rot on the fascia or eaves before beginning your rain gutter installation process. This will save you on gutter installation costs and repair costs in the long run as you can avoid have to call back your repairman to fix the problem. You can test your new gutter installation by using your water hose and running water through the gutters. Working in the Minneapolis area, our typical Minneapolis rain gutter installation process takes less than a day when the project is scheduled so you’ll be assured to have working gutters that very same day!

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Written By Thor Josefson