June 26, 2019

Keeping Your Roof Cool During the Summer

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Summer comes each year with hot weather, making us all try to find shelter from the scorching heat. Most households today have air conditioning systems installed, but AC units run on electricity, which makes them expensive to operate. If you are a homeowner looking for ways to keep your home cool without having the AC on all the time, you must know that one of the best ways to limit the amount of heat penetrating your home is to keep the roof cool – here https://stinsonservices.com/ are some of the most efficient methods to achieve a cool roof:

  • Use a light-colored roof – light colors reflect solar heat, therefore they do not become hot, no matter how harsh the sunshine is;
  • Use proper ventilation and insulation – installing air vents on the roof is a great way for keeping the air moving underneath the roof, while insulation of the right type and thickness installed in the attic will prevent the heat from reaching into your rooms;
  • Plant trees – it might take a couple of years until the trees you plant now grow tall enough to give shade to your roof, but even until then, trees improve the quality of air around the house, regulating the air’s moisture content and reducing the urban heat island effect as well.
Written By Tech