June 14, 2012

Minnesota Home Repairs and Maintenance
Minneapolis Home Remodeling


Minnesota Home Repairs and Maintenance Investments

Home repair projects are done to keep the foundation of your home strong and intact. The following home repairs will help provide a solid foundation for your home: roofing projects, exterior siding or painting projects, full replacement window upgrades, and furnace upgrades.

You may wonder way these are the main focus of home repairs, but buyers expect a home to have a sturdy foundation and trustworthy interior system before they make a purchase. Think of it this way, you remodel your kitchen and it looks extravagant and wonderful, however your roof is leaking and destroys all the work you put into your new kitchen. Does that make sense to you?  No, and I think most people would agree.  When it comes to home repairs you want to stick with the nuts and bolts before your get into your detail work.

Roofing Maintenance: First make sure your roof isn’t leaking. If your roof is leaking, have a professional roofing contractor repair it as quick as possible.  If the leak isn’t repaired early, structural damage to your home can occur very fast. Having a professional roofing contractor patch up the leak is very important to maintaining your home structural integrity.

Gutters and Downspouts Maintenance: Check to make sure your gutter system is free and flowing. If your gutters are clogged, make sure to clean them out and inspect them thoroughly to ensure they are carrying the water away from your home. A poor gutter system can lead to wood rot, paint failure and future leaks. In addition to your gutters, make sure your downspouts are working correctly. If they aren’t, you may experience a flooded basement or a cracked foundation in the near future. Also, make sure your downspout is carrying the water away from your home’s foundation.

Plumbing fixtures: Make sure all your main plumbing lines are in top order. Check for leaks or potential backups in the water lines. If leaks or backups are found make sure to get them repaired as soon as possible. Plumbing failures can lead to major hassles in the home such as blown pipes, floods, and not having water in your home. (Here is a list of common plumbing problems.)

Furnace: Make sure your furnace has clean air filters and it performing correctly. Have your furnace inspected to ensure it’s in true working form or you can take a look for yourself if you feel comfortable. Here is a furnace help guide.

The idea behind these home repairs is to keep your home in basic working order. If your home is leaking, cracking at the foundation, isn’t providing a water source, or unable to be heated, buyers aren’t going consider purchasing your home no matter how nice your kitchen looks. The idea is simple, stick to the basics and make sure your home is in a safe working order before you get to the fancy remodeling. It will not only make your home safe but it will help add value to your home in the long run.

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Written By Thor Josefson