June 23, 2016

New Prague Hail Damage | Lonsdale Hail Storm | June 22 2016
New Prague Hail Damage

Check out our Minnesota Hail Map 2016 for more information regarding the storm location!

New Prague Hail Damage | Hail Damage?

The city of New Prague, MN experienced a severe storm on June 22 2016 that lasted approximately 5 minutes with gusts of wind reaching 60mph. The hail storm affected nearly 3,800 properties in the New Prague – Lonsdale MN area. The New Prague Orioles baseball team was rained out due to the heavy storm and the New Prague Golf Club shut it doors once the storm rolled in around 6:30pm. That’s when you know a big storm was present!

Hail Storm Facts | What Can Hail Do To Your Home?

The hail storm in New Prague was large enough to cause minor and major damage to properties in the area. 1.25″ hail stones were seen crashing to the ground for approximately 2 miles east of the city of New Prague. A hail storm of this size can leave dents, cracks and chips in your siding and roofing materials.

So what should you do if your home was hit?


How to Inspect Your Property for Hail Damage

1. The first rule when inspecting for hail damage to your property is…. stay on the ground.
2. Examine your metal objects on the property. This would include your A/C unit, downspouts, mail box, etc.
3. Inspect your window screens for rips or tears.
4. Scope out your siding for cracks or chips.
5. Lastly, if you see any signs of damage OR you aren’t sure what to look for call an expert in your area.

Why Stinson Services?

Stinson Services is a local storm damage expert located in the Twin Cites. We’ve been in business since 2003.
What you’ll get when choosing Stinson Services:

1. A professional storm damage inspector to help your case against your insurance adjuster.
2. A friendly contractor that answers your phone calls and remains in constant contact with you.
3. A team that is driven to help you and leave you with a “WOW” experience.
4. A restoration team that is accountable and keeps your property clean throughout the entire project.
5. An industry leading workmanship warranty for 20 years.

If your property was damaged in a recent storm give us a call. We’ll provide you with information and send out a certified inspector for a free inspection.


Written By Thor Josefson