October 14, 2019

Why Are Flat Roof Repairs so Important to Be Completed Before the Winter Comes?

Flat roofs are typically quite sturdy, regardless of whether they are formed from EPDM membranes, metal, built-up roofing or any other type of roof that your local commercial roofers might be able to install. However, even a well-built flat roof can be damaged over time, and the result would require an experienced team of flat roof repair Minneapolis roofers for the repair work.

flat roof repair MinneapolisIn the autumn, as temperatures become lower, it’s important to take care of these repairs as quickly as possible, in the anticipation of the upcoming freeze. Failure to do so can lead to a number of problems that could eventually result in the need for a new roof later on:

  • When ponding causes water to accumulate on the roof, there is a danger that the constantly diminishing temperatures during the night will drop below freezing levels and freeze the water, causing it to expand and put added pressure on the roof’s internal structure.
  • When snow starts falling, the added weight can also create problems, in some cases damaging the roof coating further or even leading to added pressure that can rip a hole in the roof and ultimately lead to heavy leakage.
  • Once the spring arrives and the snow starts thawing out, there’s a danger that the leaks can cause severe damage to the interior of the building, before you get a chance to fix your roof.
Written By RCM