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  • Why it’s Important to Keep Your Roof Clean

    roofing maintenance in Minneapolis

    A dirty roof not only decreases a property`s curb appeal, but it also represents a host of additional problems that may become very serious.

    Cleaning the roof can be scheduled together with the periodic maintenance completed by Stinson Minneapolis specialists.  This process boosts the value of your home and keeps the roof in good shape, ensuring that you do not have to take too much money out of your pocket for repairs or early roof replacement.

    Cleaning the roof boosts curb appeal

    This is particularly useful if you want to sell the house. The roof is a very visible element that makes a first impression. A clean roof is like a promise that the rest of the house is well-kept too.

    Cleaning the roof keeps pests away

    The roof often becomes an environment for pests, especially when it retains moisture, because of moss and algae formation. Insects, birds and other unwanted creatures may attempt to make aa home here and damage the structure of the roof.

    Cleaning the roof contributes to lowering home humidity costs

    Debris and vegetation growth (moss, algae…) may prevent proper drainage and ventilation of the roof, while also altering its capacity to absorb or reflect heat properly. Consequently, you can expect to pay more for your energy consumption.

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