August 25, 2015

4 Gutter Facts You Should Know – MN Gutter Service

Minneapolis Gutter Service – 4 Facts Homeowners Should Know About Their Gutters

Does your property have gutters and are they installed correctly?
The art of hanging a full gutter system may seem simplistic, but most humans will overlook some of the most important details. Therefore Stinson Gutter Services has put together a list of 4 facts that homeowners should know about their gutter system to ensure it is install properly.

First: Why Gutter Apron?

Why do we recommend gutter apron on all of our projects?

MN Gutter Services

Gutter apron is vital to your gutter system. When choosing a gutter service, you’ll want to make sure the gutter installers are including gutter apron/flashing.


Gutter apron prevents water from running behind your gutters that may cause rot to your fascia, soffit and roof deck. Larger problems will arise in regards to your roofing system if you leave the gutter apron off the materials list.



Second: Why Seamless Gutters?

Does your home deserve a quality gutter?

MN Seamless Gutter Services

Does your home deserve a quality gutter for a reasonable price? We think so… and that’s why we highly recommend getting a seamless gutter system.

Our MN gutter service offers high-quality seamless gutters because they are simple the best. Seams = Leaks and seamless gutters don’t have seams preventing clogs and leaks that will eventually cause damage to your home’s foundation and landscaping.

If you’re looking to DIY – contact a local building supply store for Seamless Gutters. They’ll typically deliver you seamless sections if you give them the measurements. We our most of our product from EDCO, a local manufacturing company in Hopkins, MN.


Third: Why Aluminum Gutters?

Why are most gutters made from aluminum?

Aluminum Gutters

Yes, it’s true. Most Minnesota homes have aluminum gutters on them now a days.


The answer is pretty simple. Aluminum gutters are used because they resist corrosion, they’re lightweight, and available in many colors. They often are the least expensive option when selecting a seamless gutter system.

Our gutter service offers nearly 40 aluminum gutter colors to help match your home. If you’re interested in getting a free gutter estimate call 952.933.4510 or sign up online!



Fourth: Project Timeline?

How long does a gutter project take to finish?

Gutter Services Timeline

Our in-house gutter service typically takes 1/2 day to 2 days depending on the scope of the project.


Three story homes require more ladder work to install gutters. More corners = More cuts by hand. We also run into some creative homes that require special metal fabrication pieces that only highly-skilled workers can fabricate. These variables, plus others, will increase the amount of time we spend on a particular gutter project.

Adding a gutter protection system will also increase the amount of time a project requires.


Written By Thor Josefson