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  • Church Roofing Contractor

    Church Roofing Contractor

    Church Roofing Contractor

    A roofing system is an important part of the integrity of the church. It’s what keeps the church’s foundation solid while giving it a sense of beauty and style. The longevity of your church’s roof is important and our skill-set allows us to build a roof to last. How do we protect your church’s beautiful roof?

    Specialized Knowledge – Stinson Services provides continuous education to our roof installers. We also understand what works best in our climate and how to protect your church from the harsh weather.

    Workmanship Warranties – Stinson Services is a preferred roofing contractor that prides itself on its workmanship & its ability to provide projects that are built to last. We offer a 20-year workmanship warranty on our asphalt roofing system and 50-year warranty on our metal roofing system.


    Church Roofing Contractor


    What should I look for in a church roofing contractor?

    Are they a transparent roofing company? (Check online for reviews and BBB rating)

    Do they have references from recent projects? We have rave reviews from a variety of customers.

    Are they a local roofing company? We are located in Edina, MN.

    Do they have a business license?  Our business license is BC455380.

    Are they insured and is the policy up to date? Ask for a copy of their insurance

    What type of roof does your church have?

    Church Roofing Contractor

    Steep Roof – Does your church have a roofing system that has a pitch greater than 2/12? Your church has a steep pitched roofing system. This is a great design built to move water away from the foundation of your church. Foundations tend to last much longer when the steep roofing system is paired with the appropriate gutter system. This keeps water away from the structure.

    Flat Roof – If your church has a roofing system that is less than a 2/12 pitch, you’re dealing with a flat roofing system. This is built for easy roof access and allows for easy maintenance. However, a low-slope roofing system tends to shed water at a much slower rate, which is always dangerous with water.


    Church Roofing Contractor

    Metal Roofing Contractors – Our roofing company recommends a metal roofing system for any church that has a pitch great than 2/12. Why? A simple breakdown in the graph above illustrates the total costs/worth involved in using a metal roofing system vs. an asphalt roofing system.

    Most asphalt roofing systems will offer a limited-lifetime warranty for 30 years but the warranty is prorated. It loses value as it ages. Meaning your asphalt’s roofing system decreases in value each year.

    A metal roofing system is a long-term investment that offers 50 years of security behind its 50-year non-prorated warranty. This means that your church will not need another roofing system for the next 50 years and most likely longer. This graph illustrates how a metal roof keeps its value throughout the full 50-year period.

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