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  • Multi-Family, Townhouse & Condo Contractors of Minnesota

    Townhome Contractors

    Townhouse & Condominium Exterior Specialists

    Stinson Services, Inc. is a professional exterior remodeling contractor that has been in business since 2003. We believe our craftsmanship, quality materials and warranty packages make us the best in the industry.

    We have completed the business partner essentials training with the Minnesota Chapter of Community Associates Institute (CAI). We also are active members of the Minnesota Multi Housing Association (MHA) and Common Interest Communities Midwest (CIC).

    This means that we know how critical community and customer service is when dealing with residents, board members and property managers. If you’re looking for a dependable contractor relationship, please contact us today!

    We are a HAAG Certified Contractor, giving us the edge when it comes to working with larger insurance claims for storm– and – hail damaged properties. A HAAG Certified Inspector is trained to understand exactly what the insurance adjuster is looking for and able to complete a full walk-through, pointing out any damaged areas that will require replacement covered by the insurance company.

    Multi Family Contractors


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    What services do we offer your townhouse or condominium?

    1) Professional Consultations – Our company offers all townhomes and condominiums free consultations regarding your exterior remodeling projects. We’ll answer any questions over the phone or in person regarding your multi-family project.

    2) Exterior Remodeling Services – Our team excels in exterior remodeling. We’ll be able to impress you with our vast knowledge in each field and provide expert knowledge regarding any of our services.

    a) Roofing
    b) Siding
    c) Gutter
    d) Insulation

    3) Certified Storm Damage Inspections – Our inspectors are certified and trained to spot storm damage on all types of roofing, siding, and gutter material. We’ll be able to document any damage spotted including the date of the storm that caused the damage.

    4) Maintenance & Repair Advice – Not every project requires a full replacement. Sometimes a project can be just a simple repair. Our maintenance team is able to pinpoint the problem and fix it in a timely manner.

    5) Energy Saving & Rebate Programs – Our company is BPI certified, making us eligible for all insulation rebates in Minnesota. Our insulation and air sealing project not only leaves your multi-family home more comfortable because of the improved insulation value. It also decreases the amount of energy used inside your building.

    Energy rebates can be up to $650 depending on your energy company.


    Multi-Family, Townhouse & Condo Contractors of Minnesota

    What Issues Do You Have With Your Building or Townhouse?

    Is your roofing system leaking?

    We can patch your roof and make the repairs.

    Does your roofing system have pooling water?

    We can fix it and ensure it drains correctly.

    Is your roofing system shrinking or blistering?

    We can replace or repair your roofing system.

    Does your siding have cracks or is it warping?

    With our updated weather protection system we can correct your  cracked or warping roof..

    Are your gutters always clogged?

    We can add a gutter protection system to your gutters to keep them clear.

    Are your gutters leaking?

    With our “No Leak Guarantee” to your gutter system we can resolve your leaky gutters.

    Are your gutters pitched properly for drainage?

    We can re-pitch your gutters and ensure they drain correctly.

    Are your energy bills high?

    We can lower your energy bills by adding insulation and air sealing your building to Minnesota standards.

    Are you seeing ice dams on your rooftop?

    We can mitigate ice dams by reducing air leakage and adding ventilation.


    If you’re interested in getting a free consultation from Stinson Services call, 952-933-4510, or sign up here.

    Stinson Services is proud to be a local contractor that has been in business since 2003. We love Minnesota and everything it has to offer to us. We hope that you feel comfortable contacting us about any remodeling project that you have questions or concerns. We are a license and insured contractor that provides "Projects Built to Last".