September 27, 2017

4 Quick Tips to Installing Your Siding in Winter

4 Quick Tips to Installing Your Siding in Winter

The exterior of your home faces endless hazards: the sun, strong winds, hail and even extreme cold. Knowing this, your house must have strong and durable siding. Advancements in manufactured siding allow it to be hung in winter. You may ask yourself “when is the best time of year to install new siding?” The answer is when you need new siding. There isn’t a bad time of year to install siding. Vinyl, fiber cement and metal siding can be installed in winter however, these must be installed per manufacturers requirements.

You don’t need to worry about landscaping

For the most part shrubs and flowers are dormant, allowing the remodeling team full access to your siding. The siding professionals will be able to do their job with ease and without trampling your landscaping.

Will my house be exposed to the elements?

We will remove only what we can install in a day, leaving you protected against the elements. Once installed, you can expect your energy bills to be lower than they would previously. Gaps in old siding or the lack of house wrap on your home can raise your utility bills in winter. If your home doesn’t have house wrap, this is an ideal opportunity to put it on before it is covered up by the new siding. You’ll experience energy savings for the rest of the winter after installation is complete to save you money.

Off-Peak is a wonderful time to get the work done

Scheduling a job during off-peak, December thru March, offers more flexibility which can help you schedule a more convenient time for installation. Scheduling in off-peak time result in the job taking slightly longer but you can choose your time to replace your siding.

Is it a good time of year to install Fiber Cement?

Fiber cement siding paired with insulation made just for this purpose creates an excellent barrier against the cold. Most types of insulation used with fiber cement are formed to fit perfectly behind the siding, leaving no gaps where air or moisture can infiltrate your home. Once you install fiber cement siding, you’re set for life. One of the most important factors that makes a quality siding is durability; its ability to remain intact through adverse weather conditions, moisture infiltration, termites, temperature fluctuations, etc. Both LP and Hardie claim that their product has superior durability. Based on experiences of contractors and homeowners, it seems that both products offer about the same level of durability IF there is proper installation.

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