July 29, 2016

5 Tips on Managing a Siding Company

Finding a reputable and trustworthy siding company is more difficult than it needs to be. There are so many siding companies out there that are unprofessional, overcharge, and underperform—leaving the customer with a bigger problem than when they started…

But why does hiring a siding company have to be such a challenge?

The truth is most contractors work solo or work with a small team, but aren’t very good business owners themselves, resulting in missed phone calls, a lack of following up and worst of all… Not completing the project after being paid.

Read on to learn five tips on How to Hire and Manage a Quality Siding contractor.



First – Ask Siding Company for Testimonials


Siding Company Testimonial

The first thing you should do when searching for a siding contractor or a siding company is to research or ask for testimonials. Any reputable siding company will be happy to give you a list of names and numbers of previous customers they worked with in the past. This is also easy to find via online business directories—such as Yelp or Google—or even social media.

Second – Sign a Contract


Siding Company Paperwork

If you want to avoid conflicts down the road, then ask your siding contractor to sign a contract before performing work. Not only does this protect your project but it also protects you. Signing a contract will outline certain terms and conditions surrounding warranties, pricing, deposits, refunds and a number of other important issues that may arise in the future. A contract protects both you and the siding professional.

Third – Ask for Invoices


Siding Contractors Invoice

Be sure to keep track of all correspondence surrounding price and other verbal agreements. You can do this by asking for an invoice. Keep this with your records should an issue pop up down the road. You’ll also want to ask for a paid in full receipt at the end of the project.

Fourth – Manage Instructions

Sometimes projects with a siding company go wrong when instructions are misinterpreted or aren’t clear. In order to avoid issues down the road, or to avoid a low-quality project, make sure to go over all your preferences up front to manage expectations of your project.

Siding Inspections


Fifth – Check the Work

After a project is completed, be sure to check all work before agreeing to the pay what is owed. Ask for explanations on why a certain part of a project was done a certain way or why certain siding materials were used. Make sure all areas of the project are completed up to your standards before agreeing to pay. You’ll most likely have a city inspection completed on your siding project. You’ll want to wait for the city to pass the inspection before making your payment.
Finally, working with a siding contractor might be overwhelming—especially when you hear horror stories of how some contractors operate. However, you can take charge of your next project by following these tips.

If you live in the Minnesota area and need a free consultation regarding your siding project, Stinson Services is more than happy to help! We’ve been in business since 2003 and have been providing property owners with advice on home improvement projects from day one. We love our craft and we are built to last, just like our Project Built to Last motto.


Written By Thor Josefson