October 25, 2017

6 Ways To Prevent Winter Damage To Your Gutters
6 Ways To Prevent Winter Damage To Your Gutters


Here are 6 things you can do to keep your gutters working. Winter can severely damage your gutters and potentially your roof. Even if you keep your gutters in good shape there are major problems that can occur, ice buildup, ice dams and even icicles can cause damage to your home. In the winter, water backup can freeze and result in ice dams, which can damage the roof of your home. The slower water drains out of gutters, the easier it is to freeze, and the longer it takes for gutters and downspouts to drain once the temperature rises back above freezing. In addition, to the constant freezing, thawing and refreezing, the weight of the ice can cause gutters to pull away from the house or property.

1 Try a test run. To make sure that your gutters are functioning properly, run water through them with a garden hose and check for any leaks or clogs.

2 Clean your gutters. Leaves, twigs or other debris can clog gutters.  Your downspouts don’t stand a chance when the wet leaves start to freeze. Mixing in snow and ice will turn just a little bit of debris into very big gutter problem. During winter, standing water freezes, thaws and refreezes all the while testing the limits of your gutters.

3 Gutter guards. Gutter guards prevent twig, leafs and other debris from clogging your gutter. Even the best gutter guard needs regular attention. Check to see if there is anything blocking the gutter. Gutter guards reduce the debris which can cause blockage or weight bearing damage to your home or property. There are a variety of guards to choose from based on the vegetation in your area.

4 Inspect seams and anchors. Check for leaks and make sure the gutters are firmly attached to the house. No gaps should be apparent between the fascia and the gutter. Seamless gutters are recommended do to the fact that where there is a seam there is the potential for leaks.

5 Check the insulation. It is important that you have a R value of 50 for the best performance of your Minnesota home. Proper ventilation and insulation will prevent the formation of ice dams on the roof and gutters.

6 Gutter pitch. Gutters need to be pitched properly – ½ inch slope per 10 linear feet, to allow water to travel properly into your downspout.


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