May 28, 2019

Are Metal Roofs Worth the Cost?

The average costs of metal roofs are somewhere in the 150-600USD per 100 square feet range, so they are not the cheapest roofing solutions, but not the most expensive either. If you are currently considering whether the investment is worth it or you should choose a cheaper roofing material, here are some of the major benefits of installing metal roofing in Minneapolis:

  • Durability – if you are planning to stay in the house for the foreseeable future, you can count on your new metal roof to provide your home protection against the elements for at least 50 years;
  • Low maintenance – metal is impervious to rot, pest attacks, mildew and fire and can provide you efficient protection unnoticeably, without requiring any special maintenance, other than occasional inspections, cleaning and the timely repair of minor issues;
  • Quick and easily installation – metal roofs can be easily installed on top of the existent roof and the process does not require any special experience or tools. The fact that your new metal roof can be installed on top of the old one also means that the costs of installation of metal roofs is lower than the costs entailed of other roof types that require the removal of the old roof;
  • Eco-friendliness – metal roofs are 100% recyclable and the manufacturing process is gentle on the environment, too.

metal roofing in Minneapolis

Written By Tech