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  • Metal Roof Contractors in the Minneapolis Area

    metal roof contractors

    Why Do You Want a Metal Roof?

    Many consumers choose metal roof contractors and their products because of their longevity. When steel roofs are properly installed, by Stinson Services, they can last up to 50 years or more.

    Additionally, the fact that metal roofing requires little to no maintenance. You can start to see the full benefits associated with this great roofing material.



    Metal Roofs Life Cycle

    Metal roof contractors can pledge the longevity and low maintenance that comes with a long lasting steel roof system.

    The Edco steel roof system comes with a LifeTime, non-prorated limited warranty with complete hail and fade protection that is also transferable if you decide to sell.

    Since asphalt roofing will need to be replaced 2 – 4 times as often as metal roofing, you need to calculate the additional costs you will end up paying for repairs and replacing your asphalt roof over the next 50 years.

    metal roof contractors

    Advantages of Metal Roofing

    Energy Savings – Steel roofing reflects the sun and saves you money on cooling costs.

    Reduced Property Insurance Rates – Steel roofs qualify for a reduction in insurance premiums.

    Return On Investment – Metal roofs are proven to outlast asphalt roofs. They retain their value when homes are sold.

    Style & Colors – Metal roofing can blend into residential neighborhoods or stand out on commercial buildings.

    Fire Safety – Metal roofs offer protection against fire and the spreading of fire.


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