May 22, 2014

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Attic Insulation Maple Grove

We’re going to take a few minutes to go through some attic insulation basics. Today our attic installers were out in Maple Grove, MN helping a family reduce their energy bill by simply adding attic insulation, checking for proper ventilation, and sealing all the bypasses that enter through their ceiling. (Attic bypasses are typically water pipes, vent pipes, light fixtures, bath fans, and electrical wires.)

The attic’s insulation measured 10-12 inches deep throughout the attic, which gave us an R-value 30 to 35. We added another 7 to 9 inches of insulation to get their attic up to Minnesota standards which is R-50. To learn more about R-value check out the EnergyStar site.

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Attic Insulation Project

First we inspected the attic’s ventilation to ensure that the home was breathing properly. Nearly all the vent chutes were still in place from the original install, so we tacked up the drooping vent chutes with a hammer tacker before moving on.

Our next step was finding all the bypasses in the attic.  We located and spray foamed around each bypass to seal any cracks leading into the attic. Below is a decent video of our attic insulation installer sealing the bypasses. (Our camera work wasn’t great and we’ll work on getting better footage down the line.)

Lastly, we added the 7 to 9 inches of fiberglass insulation throughout the entire attic. We determined the depth by stapling attic rulers around the walls and rafters to give our installer a good reference on how much insulation needed to be added in specific areas.



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Attic Insulation Safety

When completing an insulation project we always wear our safety equipment. It’s important to prevent insulation irritation by wearing the appropriate equipment.  Small insulation fibers can get into your lungs and affect your breathing. The photo shows you what gear we wear while performing our service. (Eye-wear, mask, booties, mask filters, and gloves. We also wear full body jump suits to keep the insulation away from our skin.)

Attic Insulation Safety Equipment
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Written By Thor Josefson