April 4, 2016

Basswoods Townhome Association

Wednesday 5/11/16 Update

We finished building 6(Basswood calls it building 5). Quite a few downspout extensions needed to be replaced because they were either crushed or missing. A rain diverter was installed on the back side of the garage. Hoping to get back on Thursday to continue work on building #7.











Friday 4/22/16 Update
We call it building 5, the residents call it building 6.
99% done with this unit, we need a couple splash guards and 2 small pieces of gutter with a miter(see picture). We would’ve done it today but we had no gutter machine on site as our truck was getting new graphics installed on it, make sure to check out our new and improved ride:) Weather permitting hoping to get back on Monday morning to wrap this one up and move on to the next.

On another note, there are some old downspouts on building number two that are white, we will be swapping these out to match the other colored downspouts on that building. You can check out the progress photos below.






Tuesday 4/19/16 Update

Building 4 (Association defines as building 7) has been completed, building 5 is currently in progress. The existing gutters have had the gutter screens removed, they have been cleaned out and the new GutterRx gutter protection system has been installed. The new gutters and downspouts are currently in progress. The rain has been slowing down our progress recently, hoping that we get a break in the action soon. If the rain is too persistent or creates and unsafe work condition we will halt production until the conditions get better. Shooting for completion this week weather permitting.













Thursday 4/14/16 Update

Building 3 & 4 are under construction today, the crew is removing the old screens and cleaning out the existing gutter system. Once complete the new Gutter Rx protection system will be installed on the cleaned gutters. Tomorrow we will be hanging the new gutters and Gutter Rx protection system on buildings 3 & 4 and moving onto building 5 as soon as the work is completed.

Yesterday the work on building 2 was completed, all new gutters have been installed existing gutters had the screens and toppers removed they were thoroughly cleaned and the new Gutter Rx gutter protection system has been installed. As you can see in the image below we have installed new splash guards to help prevent water form overflowing the gutter system in the high water flow areas. These splash guards serve as a backboard to help deflect a significant amount of the water flow into the gutter rather that down to the ground where causes issues. There were a couple sections of gutters that were 6″ so we needed to grab some Gutter Rx from the shop that fit properly.



Tuesday 4/12/16 Update

Building 1 is finished, all new gutters have been installed, gutter downspouts have been added the old gutter protection system was removed and the gutters and downspouts were cleaned out thoroughly. The GutterRx gutter protection system has been installed on top of all gutters.




We started on building 2 today.
All the old screen has been removed and some new screens installed on the back side…after we washed them out.
No new gutter was installed today, but all the measurements were taken.



Welcome To Stinson Services

We will be initiating work at Basswoods First Townhome Association on Monday April 11th, 2016 weather permitting. Luke Erickson will be our onsite Project Manager throughout the project, he will be working with Jared Hinkley our Production Manager to ensure you receive the top notch service we take pride in providing. I have attached an image of our team below, you may encounter several of our team members throughout the project, feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.


Site Plan:

We have labeled the buildings in the order we will be working on them. The first property we will be working at on April 11th is labeled building #1 ( 8771 – 8777). We will remain on the property until all repairs have been completed. Next we will move to building #2 (8779 – 8785) etc…. We will be coordinating with Brian Woolsey to give you advance notice prior to our field techs arriving onsite.

bldg site plan

Written By Thor Josefson