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  • Benefits of a Metal Roof | Minneapolis Metal Roofing Tips

    Metal Roofing Benefits – Minneapolis MN

    What makes metal roofing so beneficial to homeowners? Well, according to most metal roofing contractors, there are many benefits to metal roofing.

     Above Shannon, a professional roofing contractor, gives his reasons why metal roofing is the best for your home.


    Metal Roofing Benefit List


    Here is a list of benefits stated from various qualified metal roofing contractors and professional roofers:

    Longevity – According to Minnesota roofing companies, galvanized steel roofs can last up to 40 years longer than shingle roofs.  Newer galvanizing coatings can further enhance the longevity of the roofing, although it should be installed by a qualified Minneapolis metal roofing contractor or professional roofer to guarantee proper installation.

    Durability – Today’s metal roofs are much stronger and more durable than the tin roofs from years ago. As mentioned above, metal roofing installed by Minnesota roofing companies can last 40+ years longer than shingle roofs. Metal does not succumb to insects, fire, mold, rot and mildew. Most metal roofs installed by a professional metal roofing contractors or roofers are backed by warranties of 20-50 years.

    Recycled Materials – The majority of metal roofs installed are made from recycled steel and it can be recycled again once it is replaced. This creates less waste that must go to landfills and can be reused over and over by Minnesota roofing companies to help keep the environment cleaner and healthier.

    Energy Costs – There are special coatings that a Minneapolis metal roofing contractors can adhere to the metal roof that help reflect light and heat and can keep the roof cooler. This can lower the energy costs of your home and help you save money in the long run. There is also the pocket of air in between the roof and the metal which helps deter heat.

    Weight – Metal roofing is extremely lightweight when compared to most other roofing materials.

    Speed/Ease of Installation – Metal roofs installed by a qualified Minneapolis metal roofer often come in large sheets which can cover a large area in a short amount of time. Some metal roofs can be installed over top of existing roof structure without having to waste time and money with a tear-off and disposal job.

    Maintenance and Upkeep: Most Minnesota roofing companies recommend metal roofing because of its longevity and durability. Another added advantage of a metal roof is how little maintenance or upkeep they require. They can usually just be sprayed with a water hose if leaves or twigs fall on it and occasionally for any discoloration.

    Properly installed, metal roofing is extremely resistant to weather and can keep out water and moisture preventing wood rot and moisture damage to your home’s structure. Metal roofing is highly recommended by metal roofing contractors and should be considered for your next roofing project.


    For more information on metal roofing in Minnesota or other exterior remodeling projects, please feel free to contact Stinson Services Inc. via website or call 952-933-4510.

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