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1. Local Roofing Company Process – Before Project Starts

Consultation: A qualified representative will visit your property to identify your needs, scope out the parameters of your project and give you a fair and accurate proposal. Stinson Services is a local roofing company that will provide you with recommended solutions to treat your roofing problems.

Pre-production: Once a contract is signed by the customer, and a deposit is received, our Production Department will review the roofing project. They then enter all the information into the computer system, orders the materials and outlines the project. We identify everything that can be done before the job actually starts. This enables us to keep the on-site work to a minimum, reducing the risk of bad weather, potential safety and property hazards.

Scheduling: Once your contract has been reviewed and approved, we will call you with your projects scheduled start and completion dates.

Local Roofing Company Process – Before Project Starts

2. Local Roofing Company Process – During The Project

Material Delivery, Loading and Site Prep: Our Construction Manager will notify you of when the roofing materials will be delivered to your property. The material is typically dropped off in the driveway or specified location determined during the pre-construction process. The material and dumpster are typically on-site a day or two before the project starts. A project manager will visit the site prior to the project to perform a walk through and take final notes before the project begins. Our local roofing team prides itself on-site management and keeping the owners informed throughout the entire project.

Local Roofing Project Process – During The Project

Roofing tear off and underlayment: Tarps will be placed over all bushes as protection to your property prior to starting the job. The tear off crew will come out, begin removing the old roof and will have a dumpster to dispose the waste. The removal of the roof is completed and an inspection is completed to determine the health of the roof decking and other components.

Re-Shingling the roof: Our local roofing team uses the latest techniques and technology to increase speed and quality of your roof installation. During the process we encourage you to walk the property with our Project Manager. Examining the project and asking any questions regarding the components of your new roofing system.

Cleanup: We pick up all trash resulting from the roofing project and use a high-powered magnetic roller to clear your lawn of any nails. We work very hard to find every nail, but we recommend that you continue to watch for the next couple of weeks for any one we might have missed.

3. Local Roofing Company Process – Upon Completion

Final payment and warranties: Once we are sure that everything has been done to our satisfaction a completion certificate is signed and a final payment is collected. You’ll also be receiving the appropriate warranties for your product and our 20-Year Workmanship Warranty.

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