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    Design Eye


    Design Eye is here for you to help visualize your property to its true glory. The Design Eye is a unique depiction of your house offering several different variations based on what colors and styles you like. The Design Eye process starts with Heidi Stinson and her design team listening to you and what you envision for your home. They then take your choices and create mock-up’s based on the style, color and materials of your choosing. These samples give you a great idea of how things will look on the house once its completed.

    Changing the exterior of your home or property is a major investment. You should make the decision carefully and not feel pressured. Our Design Eye specialists guide you through the process, giving you comfort and peace of mind. The design process makes you assured that you are making the right decision.


    Design Eye


    They will select materials and show you how they would look on your home or property. Whether it’s an entirely new look or seeing how the new materials will work in harmony with what you already have.


    Finally, Heidi and her design team can visit your home or property with sample materials to see how they would look on your property.  This on-site visit gives you and our specialist a good feel for how the materials and colors will look on your property.

    If your interested in a free consultation sign up here or call us at 952-933-4510.


    Design Eye


    Stinson Services is proud to be a local contractor that has been in business since 2003. We love Minnesota and everything it has to offer to us. We hope that you feel comfortable contacting us about any remodeling project that you have questions or concerns. We are a license and insured contractor that provides "Projects Built to Last".