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Roof Snow Removal

Removing snow and ice from roofs and roofing systems during the Minnesota winter season can be a challenging task. There are many factors to consider when planning for a snow or ice dam removal project. Many Minneapolis MN companies doing ice dam and snow removal provide cost estimates for projects and unfortunately these may not align with the actual invoice at the end of the project due to details that were not evaluated entirely during the planning phase of the project.

Some key components to consider for your ice dam or snow removal project relate to site access and roof complexity. The more landscaping, decks, pool etc… that are on a property the more careful the crew must be during the project. It is not enough to only focus on the ice and snow removal, you need to determine where it will go after it is removed from the roof. 

Minnesota roof snow and ice dam removal costs are also dependent on the roof system and the construction details on site. Roofs that are high in the air or steep present unique challenges for accessing the ice and snow as well as the safety of the workers on the roof. In some instances additional equipment will be necessary to safely access the roof or remove the snow and ice once it is on the ground.

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Commercial Roof Gutter & Downspout Ice & Snow Removal

Commercial roof systems present unique challenges when faced with the harsh Minnesota winter conditions. Heat loss from inside the commercial building can escape into the roof deck when inadequate insulation is present, this heat can melt the snow pack and cause an excessive amount of water to form on top of the roof. This water runs to the perimeter of the roof system and enters the roof scuppers. The issue on this detail is that the metal is much cooler than the water temp and it begins to freeze. Over time this cycle repeats itself and and large buildup of ice can accumulate inside the open faced gutter downspout. Depending on the location of the scupper and downspout water intrusion into the building can occur.

By utilizing steam we are able to melt away the ice buildup and allow water to flow property through the gutter system. If you are looking for a more long term solution to this issue we can install heat tape into the scupper and downspout to assist with melting any of the ice accumulation in the future.

If significant interior damage is present as a result of this condition it may be time to evaluate the roofing system. Core sampling or use of our infrared aerial drone will allow us to identify the extent of water damage present in the roof system A commercial roofing repair could then be executed or if the roof system is towards the end of life we can evaluate low slope roof replacement options available for your building.

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