Replacement Window Installation


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Minnesota Window Replacement Installation

When determining if you need to replace a window or door there are a number of factors to consider. Sometimes the best solution will be to repair the existing window and the other time you’ll have to replace the entire window and all of the components. Stinson Services, Inc has the personnel to handle either your window repair project or full frame window replacement project. Full frame window installation vs. Insert window replacement repair.

, Replacement Window Installation

Some important areas that you will want to consider when replacing your windows include the following:

Minneapolis MN Window Replacement Guide

Style and design — Do your existing windows and doors not fit the style of your property or are they missing features that you want. They may not have enough glass area to provide adequate natural lighting to your living space.

Components and hardware — In time the components of windows and doors wear out. Many common occurrences include failed seals on thermal pane window units, poorly operating windows or doors, damaged screens or hardware and air leaks. Minnesota weather can cause energy efficiency problems do to leaking windows.  Another area of consideration is security. Many older doors and windows may not offer much protection against forced entry. Stinson Services uses the best window replacement companies Minnesota has to offer for all of their window replacement projects.

, Replacement Window Installation
Structural problems — There may be structural problems that are affecting the operation of doors and windows. In most cases, larger window installation projects or replacement windows in new locations will require structural changes to the framing which supports the replacement window. Stinson Services has professionally trained replacement window installers to ensure quality window replacement installations.

Moisture — If moisture has penetrated the building envelope windows and doors will deteriorate due to moisture problems. These problems will not necessarily go away if you install replacement window units. Many times, moisture may even get worse, due to reduced air leakage.

Heating and ventilation — If the proper glazing is not installed on the glass area of windows and doors they are susceptible to a high degree of heat loss at night or heat gain when the sun is shining. Selecting the proper energy efficient glazing can reduce heat loss. When glazing will not provide enough heat retention, heating system modifications or some type of shading may be needed to improve comfort near large window areas.

Rewards For Window Replacements

Your Minneapolis window replacements can provide you with units that are easy to operate, free from condensation and energy efficient. Additional glass area can result in bright, well-lit living spaces. You can improve the security and safety of your home.