September 19, 2016

Gutter Repair – East River Mews
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9-15-16 our crew worked on the East River Mews gutter repair project using a boom lift to reach all the trouble areas that were 3 stories high. The gutter installation entailed repairing all the current gutter joints and resealing with new caulk to ensure the gutter system would last a couple more years before possible replacement.
The gutter color was matched (Statuary Bronze) and fill-in paint was used to cover all new joints and fasteners used throughout the entire gutter project. It seemed that nearly every gutter joint we ran into had been worn down due to the weather.

We used a high-grade caulk to reseal the joints. We used a pop rivet on most of our gutters to re-fasten the joints. This was to overcome the issue of the old zip-screws holes being worn and too big to use again.

Gutter Repair #1 – Resealing the Gutter Joints


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Gutter Repair #2 – Re-Fastening the Joints


MN Gutter Repair


East River Mews Gutter Wrap Up

The gutter repair project was completed in one day using a boom lift. The boom lift was safely used to handle hard to reach areas throughout the entire project. East River Mews now has a updated gutter system.

We truly appreciate the kindness and patience while working in your area. The residents were very grateful to have their gutter repairs completed in such a short manner and we are grateful that we had the opportunity to work with such a nice community.

Thank you!
For more information regarding the East River Mews Gutter Repair Project please email us at We have many photos of the complete gutter repair project.
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Written By Thor Josefson