September 22, 2016

Edina Wind Damage | Large Storm Sweeps Minneapolis Area

Edina Wind Damage – Winds up to 60 MPH reported


edina wind damage


Did your property get damaged by the wind? Did a tree fall on your property? Did your siding get blown off from the foundation of your home?

Last night you may have experienced some heavy winds and lightening that can cause damage to your Edina property.

If your property was damaged by the wind there is a very good chance the damage will be covered by your insurance company. Edina wind damaged homes have been found the day after the September 21st 2016 storm. The storm cell brought winds up to 60mph as well as lightening and heavy rain.

What are some results of a wind damage insurance claim?


edina wind damage restoration


We’ve had many homes receive full roof replacement and siding replacements due to wind storms. This is because the roofing material or siding panel is no longer made anymore and therefore can’t be replaced.

Insurance companies may have verbiage in your insurance policy that would require them to fully replace your damaged siding, windows or roof.


How can you find out about wind damage?



Wind Damage Edina MN

That’s easy and free! Our team is equipped with storm damage claims experts that can identify wind damage. We’re also experienced in working with insurance companies to make sure your full project is completed in the proper Minnesota Building Codes.

This means you’re project will be documented and covered by our 20-year workmanship warranty when it’s all said in done.

Wind Damage Inspections Edina


What if you don’t have wind damage?

That’s good! No damage is better than damage typically. However, our team will document your property to record the status of your home. Then you and our team will be able to use these records for future storms to identify new damage that should and will be covered by your insurance company when it truly matters.

How much does a wind damage inspection cost?

Nothing. Our company wants to insure you are taken care without the hassle of making a payment. Our hope is that you’ll fall in love with our team and choose us when your property needs a storm restoration expert!

Written By Thor Josefson