June 20, 2017

Is Your Flat Roof Hail Damaged-Dented or Dimpled?
Is Your Flat Roof Hail Damaged-Dented or Dimpled


Did the hail storm leave your commercial flat roof roof dimpled and dented?


Hail is coming in wave after wave. It’s summer in Minnesota and we are brimming with hail storms. Did you know that commercial flat roof should be inspected after every hailstorm to ensure that no damage has occurred? Contractors and building owners need to know what to look for and what to do with the flat roof hail damage in order to save time and money.


What to look for on your flat roof after hail damage?


Hailstone Impacts – Hailstone impacts can create a depression or small divots in the membrane surface, displacing protective surfacing such as gravel, ceramic granules or reflective coatings.


Severe Bruising – Severe bruising can crush underlying insulation and seriously damage the membrane. Immediate damage may include cuts, punctures, tears or other damage allowing water to enter. You’ll typically notice denting on metal work or mounted fixtures which give clues to damage resulting in leaks.


Flat Roof Hail Damage MN


What to do after the hailstorm?


After the storm, grab your digital camera and walk around the property and take photos of the hail stones covering the sidewalk. Look for obvious signs of a hail damaged roof such as external light fixtures, window trim, screens and soft metal downspouts.


As with any flat roof hail damage investigation, do not focus solely on the roof membrane or surfacing. You’ll want to leave that to a trained inspector. However, check out your air conditioning unit and other metal objects surrounding the perimeter of the building to identify small dings and dents. If you’re noticing damage to these areas there is a good chance your flat roofing system could be compromised.


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Why you should find a HAAG Certified Inspector for your property?


Typically at this moment, you’ll want to reach out to a HAAG Certified commercial building inspector to climb up on your roof to complete an inspection. Stinson Services provides a free commercial flat roof inspection and document the health status of your building. Our certified inspectors will answer any questions regarding your commercial building and offer advice on your next steps to take.


If flat roof repairs are needed, they should be done as soon as possible to reduce further damage to the building. Most often a simple flat roof repair can be completed to stop small leaks from causing damage. If larger repairs are necessary, Stinson Services can provide emergency repairs and a free quote to complete the replacement.


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