September 19, 2013

Free Minnesota Hail Damage Inspections – Part 2
MN Hail Damage

The purpose of this mini-blog series is to educate Minnesota homeowners on how to determine if their home has been damaged by a hail storm. This information is beneficial for those looking for home protection and information on dealing with their home insurance companies.

How to pick a remodeling contractor

Now you’ve found out that a hail storm has been in your area within the past two years (most insurance companies cover damage dating back 2 years.) Now you will need to find a remodeling contractor you can trust to get the work done properly and in a timely manner.

The best place to start is by ignoring the door knockers that come along after a large storm. These types of contractors are typically pushy; wanting you to sign on the dotted line before you’re ready. These people are generally called “storm chasers”, because they follow big storms state-to-state to work on insurance claims. However, they aren’t always the best bet when finding a contractor. Find out why below –

Why are storm chasers bad?

–          Storm chasers most often perform sloppy work trying to make a quick dollar.

–          Storm chasers are generally not from the area leaving you at risk if a future problem arises regarding the project.

–          Storm chasers take jobs from local remodeling companies trying to offer the same service in a legal manner.

–          Storm chasers may not be licensed in your state which can lead to future problems.

Sign up for a free home inspection by a local and reliable contractor!

How can I spot a storm chaser?

–          Inspect the license plate on their vehicle or ask for their driver’s license.

–          Ask how long they’ve been in business and where their business is located.

–          Perform research online at places like BBB or Angie’s List.

–          Ask to see their contractor’s license.


Finding a MN remodeling contractor is not hard, but it can be difficult finding the one that fits your needs. If you’re looking for a local, dependable, and licensed contractor in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area, check out Stinson Services. We’ve been in business for over 10 year, providing quality services for homeowners located in the metro area. We even offer workmanship warranties on all of our projects.

If you have questions regarding exterior remodeling or storm damage inspections please feel free to call, 952-933-4510, or click here.

Written By Thor Josefson