January 25, 2013

Fridley Hail Storm Report | November 10, 2012
Hail Storm Fridley MN 2012

Fridley Hail Storm Report | Nov 10, 2012

Nov. 10th 2012 brought a strong and quick hail storm into Fridley, MN area around 5am. The storm left large amounts of hail on the roads, streets, and yards of many Fridley citizens. The hail was reported to be anywhere from 1″ to 1.5″ in diameter and reaching estimated speeds of 109 mph. These types of storms can lead to car, home, and personal damages.

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Minnesota hail damage continues to affect many homeowners each year so please inspect your home’s exterior to be sure no damage was done. Be sure to thoroughly inspect your home for dents, cracks, and dings as hail damage will normally be covered under your home insurance policy. If you’re unsure of hail, wind or storm damage here are tips on finding hail damage on your home.

Hail damage in Fridley, MN reported a hail storm on this date. (Hail Reports MN 2012)

Written By Thor Josefson