March 27, 2015

Is it time for a full gutter replacement? Gutter Installation Tips

The spring is here and the rain is about to fall. So how do you know if your gutters are ready for the rainy season? Good question. How do you know if your last gutter installation was up to par? Another good question. Below we’ve compiled a check list to inspect your gutters and downspouts for damage and make sure they were installed correctly.

Gutter Installers


  1. Cracks or holes near the seams

The first place to inspect for leaks in your gutter system is near the inside and outside corners. These corners are typically sealed with a gutter adhesive (caulk) to prevent leakage. However, harsh weather or insufficient gutter installation may cause these sealed seams to drip water into your home’s foundation.

Sagging Gutter Installation


  1. Gutters sagging or pulling away from the house

Sagging gutter is another clear indicator that you may need a full gutter replacement. Your gutter system should not be sagging or pulling away from the fascia of your home. This is a sign that the current gutters are not performing and should be replaced or repaired.

A proper gutter installation will consist of three major components – gutter flashing, gutter, and downspouts. These three components work together to collect water from your roof and carry it away from the home’s foundation.


  1. Pools of water near your home’s foundation

Your gutters sole purpose is to collect rainwater and disperse it away from your home’s foundation, offering protection from flooding, mold, and rot. If you are noticing pools of water settling near your home’s foundation it is possible that your gutters are leaking or not flashed correctly. We’d advise getting a gutter consultation from a local gutter company before the next rainstorm.


  1. Peeling paint or signs of rust

Gutters are designed to withstand the elements but can begin to breakdown over time. If you’re noticing paint chips or rust flakes near your downspouts there is a chance that your gutters are damaged or in poor condition. These unprotected areas will eventually erode into tiny holes or cracks.



  • How long will your new gutter installation last?

We like to say they’ll last for a lifetime with proper cleaning and maintenance. There are also times when gutter must be re-hung due to your home settling and shifting. With that being said, aluminum gutters are fabricated to withstand the elements and can be installed at a very reasonable price.


Written By Thor Josefson