June 26, 2010

Hail Damage Repair Golden Valley, Orono, Elk River and St. Paul Minnesota

Hail Damage Minneapolis Area


Golden Valley Minnesota was located in the heart of the most recent MN hail storm. Golf ball sized hail (1-3/4″) was spotted in the Minneapolis, St. Paul metro area on June 25th, 2010. Hail of this size can cause extensive damage to cars, crops and many components of a properties exterior including roofing, siding, gutters and windows.

The storm passed through the Twin Cities metro area at 7 p.m. reports of power outages and downed trees ranged from as far East as Cottage Grove, Minnesota to Orono, MN on the west edge of the metro area.

Hail damage repairs
are likely necessary for Golden Valley MN, Orono MN, Elk River MN and St.Paul MN property owners as a result of this storm. Please follow our Minnesota Hail Damage Repair Guide below to ensure that your storm damage insurance claim is handled professionally and to safeguard your assets.

Hail Damage Repair Guide For Minnesota Property Owners

Beware of Door Knocking Companies:

Soon your evenings will be interrupted by “Storm Chasers”. These are often inexperienced fly-by-night contractors looking to make some quick cash. Many of these companies chase storms from every corner of United States. Trust your instincts, if it doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t.

Ask the hail damage repair salesman how long they have been in the industry:

Just because a company has been around for five years that does not mean that their sales force is composed of professional hail damage repair experts. Ask them how many roofs they have installed, how many siding and gutter projects they have completed, how many insurance claims they have successfully settled for property owners.

Check on the companies Better Business Bureau rating and online reviews:

The BBB is a great place to check on a companies track record. Stinson Services has an A rating. In addition look at a companies online customer reviews. See what our customers have to say!!

What does the company specialize in:

Does the company say the can do everything, but in reality they only specialize in roofing? Many companies will tell you they can help you with your hail damage insurance claim, make sure to review their track record to ensure they can assist you with repairing not only your roof, but the other damaged areas of your property including siding, gutters, windows, fences and decks. If the salesman informs you that they only do roofing, BEWARE THIS IS A TELL TALE SIGN THAT THEY ARE STORM CHASERS.

Ask if the company is willing to wait for you to obtain additional bids:

Stinson Services will provide you with an additional bid for all your storm damage repair needs. If the salesman is reluctant to submit a bid and wait for you to review additional bids kindly ask them to leave. Honest, ethical companies will bid your project competitively and accurately, we enjoy the satisfaction that comes from providing some of the best estimates in the industry contact us today for a FREE HAIL DAMAGE REPAIR ESTIMATE.

Check on the hail damage repair companies reference list:

Call previous customers and ask them how their experience was working with the company that you are considering working with. Make sure that the hail damage contractor has actually completed jobs and that their customers approve of their work.

Never sign a contract or agreement:

Many storm chasers will ask you to sign a contract or agreement of some sort. Many times a salesman will advertise a “Special Offer” or even tell you that they will pay your deductible. If the offer sounds too good to be true it probably is. Do your homework and research the company prior to signing anything.

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