April 16, 2013

Hail Damage Restoration Project – Brooklyn Park, MN

With the spring storm season fast approaching, I will take some time to reflect on a hail damage insurance claim project we recently completed. The customers received an email newsletter from us and then proceeded to contact us to have a FREE CERTIFIED HAIL DAMAGE INSPECTION completed on their property.  Prior to meeting with the clients I checked our Minnesota Hail Damage Maps and determined that the property was located in the hail swath of a recent 2012 Brooklyn Park, MN, hailstorm.

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Upon arriving at the customers’ property we discussed the storm and they even showed me a few pieces of the large hail that fell in their yard. I started the inspection by walking around the foundation of the house. There were several dents in the gutter downspouts and on the aluminum trim around the windows. This damage is what is known in the insurance restoration industry as collateral damage; it provides solid evidence that hail was present and there may be additional hail damage to roofing and siding on the property.

I also noticed that a few pieces of siding that were cracked and missing in the gable ends; this storm packed a powerful combination of large hail and wind. After evaluating the collateral hail damage and the siding I proceeded to the roof. The vents on the roof had several large dents, the shingles were missing granules and in some areas there were puncture marks from the hail. After the inspection I informed the homeowners that they had substantial damage to their property as a result of this Minnesota hail storm.

Hail Damage 2013

The customers contacted their insurance company and filed a hail damage insurance claim. The insurance company hired a contract adjuster to assess the property. He informed the customers of the date and time he would be inspecting the property. Once the customers had this information they relayed it on to me and I met with the adjuster at their property. Upon arriving at the property I identified the hail-damaged areas to the adjuster and he agreed that there was substantial damage. An insurance loss draft was created and presented to the customers.

I reviewed the insurance loss draft and noticed that a few components that required replacement were missing from the paperwork. I contacted the insurance adjuster and sent pictures detailing the damaged areas, he promptly issued an insurance supplement to cover the additional damage. Once the claim finances had been finalized we started work on the project.

Our team of talented craftsmen and project managers coordinated a professional remodeling project that included replacement of the property’s siding, roofing, gutters and aluminum trim work. The project took approximately 2 weeks to complete from start to finish. Our team handled all the permits, inspections and material selections for the customers. After the project was successfully completed I submitted the final invoice to the insurance company and the depreciation payment was disbursed. The homeowners received a full scale exterior remodeling of their home for the cost of their insurance deductible!

If you or someone you know is looking for a contractor to collaborate with on their storm damage insurance claim, contact us at 952-933-4510. Our satisfied customers can inform you about the quality service and professionalism experienced when working with Stinson Services.

Written By Thor Josefson