September 16, 2014

What is a HAAG Certified Inspector? Hail Damage to Roof?
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Hail Damage to Roof? Have the Pros Inspect it!

Storms can happen at any time of year. Regardless of whether they are severe thunder or wind, rain storms, snow storms, or hail storms, damage can happen to a homeowner’s roof. After a storm hits your area, expect roofing companies to be marching the streets looking to inspect roofs. But be wary of storm chasers that may not be licensed and insured. What should you look for? A HAAG Certified Roof Inspector (HCRI).

While many home or property owners well versed in the basics of roof safety, this may be a job for the storm damage pros. An experienced roof specialist, particularly a HAAG Certified Roof Inspector, will be able to spot damage or the first signs of roof damage in regards to what your insurance company will expect when filing a claim.

What is an HAAG Certified Roof Inspector?

Forensic Engineering Firm founded in 1924 by Walter G. Haag.
– HAAG Engineering specializes in all forms of storm damage to roofs and other roofing materials.
Certified Roof Inspectors must take training class and pass tests to get certified.

Other areas HCRI can inspect at your home

Age & environmental factors of your roof.
Manufacturer defects and mechanical damage.
Faulty or inaccurate installation of roofing materials.

Hail damage to roof can lead to greater damage to your home’s structure, leaving you with a bigger headache than your original roof problem.

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What makes HAAG Certified roofing professionals more qualified?

Roofing professionals and contractors will be eager to inspect your roof after a storm. Don’t be fooled by the door knockers that aren’t certified. Why should you be careful of door knockers?

– They typically aren’t licensed in the state of Minnesota.
Uninsured roof inspectors may get hurt and end up using your homeowners insurance to cover their injury. Best idea is to use an insured contractor to prevent this from happening.
High pressure sales. They may force you to agree to a contract without giving you time to agree.
Not respected by your home insurance company.
Even if a contractor is reputable, trained, and experienced enough to work on a client’s roof and point out storm damage, calling on a reputable company with a HAAG Certified Roof Inspectors badge will reduce concern for homeowners & insurance companies. This is because all insurance companies accept HAAG Certified contractors.

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Why Stinson Services, Inc. chooses to be HAAG certified

HAAG Certification is an incredibly important credential to have and can help boost a roofing specialist’s career as well as a roofing company’s image and reputation. As mentioned above, HAAG Certification is accepted and recognized by all insurance companies. Professional roofing contractors that only work with HAAG Certified employees offer our clients a trustworthy option for a roof inspection.


Written By Thor Josefson