May 16, 2014

Hail Storm Lakeville MN | Hail Storm Damage

Lakeville Hail Damage 2014

A hail storm moved across Lakeville, MN on May 8th, 2014. It lasted a few minutes and brought hail ranging in size from 1″ to 2.75″. These types of storms occur a few times a spring and can lead to exterior damage that needs your attention and to be fixed. The good news is your insurance company pays for it!

The damage created by the hail may seem miniscule but can lead to future damage and  larger problems for homeowners to deal with if they aren’t taken care of in a timely manner.

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What to look for when inspecting for hail storm damage?

Yes, you can help identify hail damage on your home but we ask that you stay on the ground if you’re not a professional. A few places to look for hail damage are metal objects around your home. Gutters, A/C units and metal flashing can show small dents or dings that are signs of hail damage. Other areas should be explored by a licensed and certified storm damage inspector.

What should I do if my home was hit by the hail storm?

Contact a local professional that is a certified storm damage inspector. Stinson Services, Inc. serves the Twin Cities metro area and is available to help homeowners answer any questions regarding their hail damage.  SSI will be able to walk you through a typical hail damage claim and make sure you get the largest claim possible by your insurance company.

What is included in a storm damage inspection?

Stinson Services, Inc. will look at your windows, siding, gutters and roof to make sure they are not damaged. We’ll inspect your home using the same methods as your insurance adjustor to help determine if you should make a claim. We’ll take photos or video to document the damage and write a report to be given to the claims adjustor if you end up filing a claim.


Written By Thor Josefson