July 20, 2020

Hail Storm Hits Forest Lake, MN on July 18th

Hail Storm Hits Forest Lake, MN on July 18th, 2020

July 18th brought large hail to Forest Lake, MN. Hail ranging from 1 to 2 inches was recorded by the National Weather Service. If you believe your property was hit by hail it is important to inspect for hail damage around your property. Gutters, siding, windows and any soft metals for are all common areas for spotting hail dents. If you can see hail damage from the ground it is likely that your roof has been impacted as well. At Stinson Services we offer certified hail damage inspections and insurance claim restoration services. We provide expert knowledge on home remodeling repairs that deal with storm, wind, and hail damage. We work along side you and your insurance company to ensure your home is taken care of in the best manner.

If you believe your home was hit by the storm call us today at 952-933-4510 or sign up for a FREE storm damage inspection!

Hail Storm Forest Lake, MN

To view all cities that were hit by a hail storm check out our 2020 Hail Map.

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