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  • Hailstorms Hit MN June 16 & 17th 2013

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    Hailstorms hit Minnesota June 16th and 17th 2013. Our certified inspectors have been trained to identify hail, wind, and storm damage on your home. If your property has been hit by a hailstorm in the past 1-2 years  your insurance company may cover the damages inflicted by the storm.

    Call or sign up for our Free Hail Damage Inspection. We’ll inspect your roof, siding, windows, gutters and mechanical devices for signs of hail damage.

    Feel free to check our Minnesota Hail Maps to find out if your home has been hit.


    JUNE 16th, 2013 

    The smaller of the two storms passed through on June 16th near Alexandria, MN leaving 1 inch hail behind its wake. This hailstorm was report by trained professionals in the Ablerta, Cyrus, & Starbuck area. Hail this size can cause minimal damage to cars, outdoor appliances, and homes.

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    JUNE 17th, 2013 

    The bigger hailstorm took place on June 17th just west of Mankato. This storm shot down hail as big as 2.5 inches, which can cause serious damage to out door materials such as your vehicle or home. Make sure to get your home inspected for any wind, hail, and storm damage that may have occurred from this storm.

    Hailstorm damage is covered by most home insurance policies in the state of MN for up to 2 years. If you have a feeling your home was recently damage be sure to call a professional. Stinson Services, Inc. takes pride in our knowledge of hailstorm damage recovery. To get the best service on your home be sure to book a free consultation. We’ll be sure to do our part in making sure your home is treated properly by your insurance company.

    MN Hail Damage Map 2013

    MN Hail Damage Inspections


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