August 30, 2012

Removing Your Door From Its Hinges
Home Maintenance Tips MN

Home Maintenance Tips: How to Take a Door off its Hinges

So you’re new to the home improvement world. Your door is in need of a touch up or needs to be removed from its opening to make room for some new furniture. Stinson Services is a professional exterior remodeling contractor located in Minnesota that wants to provide you with some easy home repair tips.

Below is a simple video to help you remove your door quickly and easily from its hinges without making a mess of your house.


Above Chris Palmer, an expert remodeler gives us the step-by-step process to remove your door from its hinges.

For the door removal project, you will need the following tools:

-Nail Set
-Putty Knife

*You can also use similar tools to replace the tools we listed.

How to remove the door from its hinges:

1.Make sure door is almost closed before removing door pins. This will help take weight off the door.

2.Once door is ready, rest nail set on the base of the pin and tap from bottom with hammer.

3.If pin gets stuck at halfway point, use putty knife to tap pin head from the top. This should give you a better angle at removing the pin.

4.Repeat these steps, taking all pins out from each hinge.

5.Once pins are removed, door should pull away easily from the hinges.

*It’s always helpful to have a pair of extra hands when removing doors from their hinges. Ask for help if someone is around.

Keywords to know while performing this task:

Door Jamb


Pin – used to hold together door hinge.


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Written By Thor Josefson