March 27, 2011

Picking the Right Siding

The idea of siding may not sound too exciting, but it’s important to your home.  The siding is the “armor” that protects your home from the elements.  Here in Minnesota, with its harsh winters and changing seasons, time and weather can take a toll on your siding.

But siding is more than functional – it can also enhance the beauty of your home.  The variety of siding options can allow you to easily change the design aesthetic of your home.  Best of all, the right siding can free you from repainting your home’s exterior forever.  Thinking about repair or replacement of your home’s siding?  Here are some options, and how to determine which is best for your home.

Home Siding Repairs and Choices

Wood Siding. Want your home to have a rustic, charming look?  Wood siding can achieve that for you.  Choose from a variety of materials, such as spruce, redwood, pine, and cedar to give your home a stylish and luxurious appearance.  Wood siding does require regular maintenance, so if regular staining and repainting aren’t for you, consider a different material.  Wood is also the most expensive type of siding.  Still, if cared for correctly, it weathers well and can last for years, making the initial cost a smart investment.

Fiber Cement Siding. If you love the look of wood siding, but think it just isn’t for you, fiber cement siding is a good “plan B.”  This siding is cement based but can look just like some wood siding products, or it can be painted in a variety of colors.  Fiber cement board siding resists both rot and insects, too.

Steel Siding. If you need low-maintenance siding. metal could be your best choice.  Stinson Services uses EDCO steel siding made right here in Minnesota.  Metal siding is incredibly durable and requires virtually no maintenance – Stinson Services even warranties it for fifty years!

Vinyl Siding. Vinyl siding may not have the most glamorous reputation, but it’s a fabulous workhorse.  Vinyl’s PVC material is exceptionally durable.  The best thing about vinyl siding is that you will never have to repaint your home’s exterior.  Vinyl comes in a wide variety of styles and textures, so it can look as beautiful as more expensive siding options.  Stinson Services are Vinyl Siding Institute’s Certified Installers, so you know that your siding will be installed properly.  You’ll have a worry-free home exterior that will last for years.

Stinson Services makes it easy to get started on your siding project.  Our certified installers will do quality work on your home.  We’ll advise you on the best siding for your home’s location, style, your personal preferences, and your budget.  We can get you a stylish siding solution that will meet your needs and take the worry out of home maintenance.

Written By Tech