May 25, 2019

How Can I Protect My Roof from Wind Damage?

Roofs, no matter what size they are or what their sloping angles are, are permanently exposed to the elements, including high winds. Winds, whether or not they are associated with rain, hail or snow, are extremely damaging for roofs and only the strongest roofs can survive strong storms without sustaining any damage, so here are a few tips for you about how to fortify your roof:

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Address even the smallest roof problems in a timely manner – any displaced shingle or tile, any component that is torn, broken, buckling or curling weakens the roof, so inspect your roof regularly and have competent roof repair Minneapolis contractors take care of the necessary repairs as soon as you can;

Trim the trees around the roof – your old trees might keep shade and they are surely a valuable asset on your property, but strong winds can easily tear off large tree limbs and drop them on your roof. Inspect the trees that can pose danger and cut off the limbs overhanging your roof before the next storm does the job for you;

Make sure that the components on the underside of the roof are properly fastened, too – the roof sheathing and the truss braces also need to be fixed securely to make sure your roof is solid and stable enough to withstand high winds, so check the roof from the attic, too and do the necessary fixes before the next storm.

Written By Tech