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A Different Kind Of Roofer Serving Minneapolis MN

We go above and beyond to be the very best Minneapolis roofing company you will find. In Minnesota, roofing contractors lead the industry in the number of total complaints received. Unfortunately, the low priced roofing companies create many of these complaints. It is rare for them to be able to meet your service expectations. Our roofing company works diligently on our relationships with our property owners and looks to provide excellent value to your property’s roofing system. Stinson Services takes pride in our record of no complaints with the Minnesota Better Business Bureau, high praise on Google Reviews and a long list of previous Twin City area homeowners willing to share their experiences.

When Should You Replace Your Minneapolis Home’s Roofing System?

If your entire Minneapolis, MN neighborhood is getting a new roof, it may be a good idea to get your roof inspected by a certified Minneapolis roofing contractor. In general, most neighborhoods will have residential roofs with a similar roofing system due to build dates. If your neighbors are getting a new roof replacement, it may be from storm damage or the roof may be old.

Roof inspections from Stinson Services will give you peace of mind and the important information you will need to decide if you need a complete roof replacement or just a simple roof repair to take care of the issue. If you suspect you have a roof that needs repairing and replacing, go with the locally owned, highly trained roof experts at Stinson Services. Give us a call for a no obligation, complimentary roof inspection.

, Minneapolis Roofing Contractors
, Minneapolis Roofing Contractors

Who Should You Use?

Your consideration for choosing a roofing company in Minneapolis will likely include checking out reviews. We work very hard for every client and a 5 Star review from them is our greatest reward for a job well done. Quality workmanship from start to finish is our goal for you as a customer. Repairing and replacing roofs is usually a messy job. We want your experience to be great so we minimize the mess, so all you know is that we did an excellent job. We are the roof experts, you shouldn’t need to become one too.

A+ BBB Accredited with Great Reviews

In considering Stinson Services, know that we are A+ BBB accredited, we have tons of great Google reviews and we can also can provide a list of referrals. We are fully licensed and insured. We work on both residential and commercial roofs. Our vast experience in all types of roofs gives you the confidence we can handle your project and at the end, hopefully get a 5 Star review from you!

Algae and Moss on Your Roof?

It is not uncommon in our area to have vegetation, such as algae, moss or mold, that can occur in cool/moist areas. This growth can cause the decomposition of the shingle to speed up and granules may be damaged. The granules are there to protect the shingle from UV rays and water. If you view worn areas on your shingles, your roof is deteriorating. Many leaks arise from this condition. Missing shingles should be checked by a storm damage inspector for possible damage. Be sure to patch or replace your roof to prevent water damage.

Roof Leaks

Do you notice any interior water spots on your ceiling? If so, your roof could be leaking and in need of roof repair. A good quality roof installation can last between 15-20 years. If your roof is reaching this age it is not a bad idea to have a qualified locally owned Minneapolis roofing contractor inspect it for signs of damage. Most roofs are damaged by hail or wind, so if you have had any storm activity over the past year or so it is worth an inspection. Asphalt shingles damaged from hail can be especially common here in Twin Cities area. Insurance claims for asphalt shingles are the most common. If you have roof leaks we can do an excellent job whether it is commercial roof repair, like modified bitumen or other flat roof repair to more common steep slope residential roofs.

Roofing and Exteriors

Roofing and exteriors are our specialty, so if your project includes siding, windows installation, skylight installation, or other projects for home exteriors, we can help. If you are interested in a free consultation from the best locally owned Minneapolis roofing company, sign up here or call us at 952-933-4510