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    Is it Time for a New Roof?

    Reason # 1: Roofing contractors come in with a low price but in the long run it will actually cost you more.

    As a licensed and insured roofing contractor, we have repaired roofing projects completed by unqualified and sometimes unethical contractors on too many occasions. We have heard the stories too many times. To make matters worse, the contractor that installed the roof can not be found.

    Many of these situations have arose from the property owner choosing the low price roofing contractor. You can imagine the frustration involved with paying us hundreds or even thousands of dollars to fix what the previous roofing company failed to do correctly.

    Reason # 2: Many property owners are dissatisfied with the service of low-priced roofing companies.

    In Minnesota, Roofing contractors lead the industry in the number of total complaints received. Unfortunately, the low priced roofing contractors create many of these complaints. It is rare for them to be able to meet your service expectations.

    Our roofing company takes pride in our relationships with our property owners and looks to provide excellent value to your property’s roofing system.

    Reason # 3: Stinson Services has a track record of providing dependable service.

    Our company takes pride in our record of no complaints with the Minnesota Better Business Bureau, high praise on Google Reviews and a long list of previous homeowners willing to share their experiences.

    Do you need a new roof?


    When to Replace My Roofing System?

    New Roofing System for Neighbors: If your entire neighborhood is getting a new roof it may be a good idea to get your roof inspected. In general, most neighborhoods will have a similar roofing system due to build dates. If your neighbors are getting a new roof it may be from storm damage or the roof may be old.

    Veggies on Top: Vegetation can occur in cool/moist areas. Decomposition of the shingle will speed up and granules may be damaged. The granules are there to protect the shingle from UV rays and water. If you view worn areas on your shingles your roof is deteriorating.

    Missing Shingles: Many leaks arise from this condition. Missing shingles should be checked by a storm damage inspector for possible damage. Be sure to patch or replace your roof to prevent water damage.

    Interior Water Spots: Notice any interior water spots on your ceiling? If so, your roof could be leaking and in need of roof repair.

    Life Of Roof Quality: Shingle installation can last between 15-20 years. If your roof is reaching this age it is not a bad idea to have a roofing contractor inspect it for signs of damage.



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